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Trilogy Consulting, LLC is a consulting firm - focused on the senior living field and those involved in the longevity economy.  Three dimensions define the firm:  strategy, research and innovation.  Services include strategic planning, primary and secondary market research, affiliations and mergers, new program and project development, succession planning, governance and leadership development, master planning, interim, start-up and turn-around management as well as others.




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Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

True Strategy is rare in our field and yet more critical than ever. Rather than creating a ‘collection of things to be done’, Trilogy uses its own ‘Vision-Driven’ approach, Blue Ocean, Scenarios, Porter’s Five Forces and other approaches to develop effective strategies.

Affiliations and mergers

The nonprofit senior living/senior care sector will continue to consolidate. The reasons are well known and are not disappearing. Yet not everyone will benefit from consolidation. Nevertheless, every nonprofit provider should be evaluating affiliation or collaboration - to determine whether it enables or accelerates the strategies that are critical to future success.

We guide the evaluation/assessment and can lead the pursuit of an affiliation. But we’re also known for our willingness to recommend when to walk away from a potential match.

Consumer research

The consumer isn’t changing, they’ve already changed. Our state of the art consumer research can tell you how they’ve changed and can predict what the next generation of consumers are looking for. The question is: how well do you know your consumer. You might be surprised!


So much has been said about innovation - but so little has actually occurred. The unfortunate reality is that the most significant innovations are coming from outside of the field.

We’ll work with you to determine: where to focus; how to systemize and democratize innovation; how to use Design Thinking and Lean Startup; how to scale; whether partnerships/collaborations are the best approaches to advancing innovation; and more.


Great organizations begin with great boards - don’t settle for anything less. Each board is different - a collection of unique individuals. As a result, ‘rules of thumb’ or best practices may not be applicable. Wherever your board is today - we can help take it to the next level

Data Analytics

Data and analytics will reshape the field, period. Competitve advantage will be gained by those that embrace all types of analytics (especially predictive and presriptive). As McKinsey & Co. said in a recent article: “companies still dragging their feet do so at tehir own risk, because the gap between leaders and laggards just keeps growing”

Our Analytics affiliate can ensure that you’re one of the leaders not a laggard.




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