Introducing . . .

Trilogy Connect


What is Trilogy connect?

In a dynamic era, organizations need to embrace new ways of thinking. And, at the same time, should expect more from consultants: more insight, broader expertise and a proven ability to deliver More.Powerful.Results

That’s why we’ve created Trilogy Connect - a ‘connected’ team of strategists, consumer researchers, data analysts, branding and marketing experts, linked together through Trilogy Consulting.

Exponential insight, Powerful results

We call it the power of 8 - recognizing the synergy that happens when eight thought leaders bring their expertise to clients. The graphic below highlights the expertise of Trilogy Connect. While we can’t say that it’s unmatched - we can say that it is unmatched within one firm.

Brief descriptions of the Trilogy Connect partners and services are included below.



National thought leaders, innovators and strategy consultants work with clients to develop strategic plans, create innovative solutions and develop new services and products.

Consumer research

A strategic consumer research firm – provides top quality consumer insight regarding all types of senior services including home & community based as well as campus based.  This consumer insight is most effective in designing new services and products – though it is also used to validate and/or refine existing service models.

Market Dynamics and Demand

One of the country’s leading market analysts, offers a unique, data-driven approach to measuring demand for independent living, assisted living and memory care.  In addition, this organization is skilled at identifying promising areas within a broad geographic area – efficiently and accurately.  Finally, the organization offers a comprehensive SNF analysis tool that allows clients to measure trends, competition, market health and more.

Affiliations and mergers

Our team has served as advisors and facilitators to some of the most creative and largest affiliations and collaborations in the nonprofit senior living/care sector. And we’ve supported some of the smallest and most unique organizations to find the right partners. What we don’t do is push for an affiliation when it’s the wrong thing to do or the wrong partner.

Data analytics

A data analytics organization provides data-driven insights, data mining and predictive/prescriptive analytics – enabling aging services organizations to build cogent competitive advantage

Branding, marketing & Sales

A full-service boutique firm provides branding & marketing and sales consulting services to the senior living field.  From marketing to sales, from PR to creative, from project management to interactive, this firm has a combined total of 200 years of experience in the senior marketing space and bring all that diverse experience to bear on one target: the mature market.

Financial Modeling and Quantitative analysis

A CPA and advisory firm focused on the senior living and senior care fields.  Services include financial modeling, benchmarking, mergers and acquisitions, reimbursement and traditional accounting services.  In addition to the traditional portions of aging services, this Trilogy Connect partner brings additional expertise in home health, hospice and home care

Executive Search and Succession planning

An Executive Search consultant with more than 15 years of experience, working with organizations to recruit the best leaders for senior living/care organizations.  Succession planning and leadership development are additional areas of expertise provided